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Nowadays, we all want to know what exactly we are purchasing, especially anything online.  One of our goals is to be 100% transparent about how our products are made and what ingredients are in them. 

Where are the products made?

We want to tell our customers that all our beard oils, balms, soaps, and shampoos are 100% made by us.  We do not resell products. We do not sell drop ship products, and we do not buy ingredients at local supermarkets.  All our ingredients are purchased from suppliers in the United States that provide the best quality ingredients, and we buy in bulk.  We produce everything in our warehouse.  One of the reasons I wanted to start this business was that many products online are not made by the seller. Instead, they buy in bulk from an overseas supplier who also stamps their logo, and that's what you get!  This is crazy!  You're putting something on your beard, skin, and face that not even the seller knows what it is.  All our products are proudly made in San Antonio, Texas.

For our products, we use professional equipment. Each of our products has equipment design only to make that product. 

How were the products designed?

I formulated all our products, and as the owner and founder, I can tell you it took hundreds of samples and years of work to find the five scents I was looking for.  As far as the ingredients, we use the best we could find for our products.  I tested as many combinations as possible and left out any ingredients that were not good enough.  We do not have any synthetic or chemical preservatives in our products. All our ingredients are natural or organic.  Below I break down how and what ingredients are used on our beard oils, beard balms, soaps, and shampoo bars.

 What's in the beard oil, beard balm, bar soaps, and shampoo bar?

I formulated all our products, and, as the owner and founder, I can tell you it took hundreds of samples and years of work to find the five scents I was looking for.  As far as the ingredients, we use the best we could find for our products.  I tested as many combinations as possible and left out any ingredients that were not good enough.  We do not have any synthetic or chemical preservatives in our products. All our ingredients are natural or organic.  Below, I breakdown how and why certain ingredients are used on our beard oils, beard balms, soaps, and shampoo bars.  We'll also go over the products themselves and what they are good for.  We truly believe we offer the best beard oils, the best beard balms, the best soaps, and the best shampoo bar for men.

Beard Oils

So, first, what are beard oils for?  Beard oils are amazing to take care of your beard.  Any experienced beard-man or anyone who has tried to grow a beard knows within the first few days and weeks. It gets itchy, dry, dandruff, and other symptoms.  Beard oil helps you to condition, moisten, and keep both your skin and beard hair healthy.  Using beard oil usually gets rid of the symptoms mentioned above.

On top of that, some of the carrier oils used protects you from the sun and other elements.  On top of this, it will make your beard look healthy, good, shiny, and help you grow a healthy beard.  Now, what they don't do: make your beard grow or grow thicker hair!  I see many beard products that offer this, but it is not true!  If you do some research, about 99% is all genetics.  I can tell you that many of my friends with huge full beards had patches filled with time as the beard grows.  One of the reasons people give up on growing a beard is that it is patchy, itchy, and think they will not have a full beard.  Beard oil is a great way to keep those symptoms away, which prevents you from growing your beard.

Beard oils are made up of carrier oils, fragrances, essential oils, and many times vitamin E is added as well as chemicals for preservation or chemicals to enhance the fragrance.  We never add chemicals for preservation or to enhance scents.

We tested all the combinations we could base on each oil's benefits and components as far as the carrier oils.  Below we breakdown each carrier oil we use and the benefits behind it.  Another thing we add to every single beard oil is Aloe Vera.  Aloe Vera is amazing not only for the skin but also for your beard hair.  It will also hydrate and nourish both hair and skin and free everything from dandruff, itchiness, and adds shine.  The price of beard oil can vary from $5 to $80 online.  But remember you get what you pay for, well, sort of.   We see in a lot of competitors that it is not clear where the products are made or what quality of ingredients is included on the lower end of prices.  We see very rare and expensive ingredients on the higher end of prices and some of the most expensive selling beard oil with cheap ingredients, but the brand is what sells.  We just offer the best ingredients for your beard at a great and fair price.  We won't be the company that offers a 50% discount code all the time because we price our products double of what they should just to make a sale.  We want to offer you excellent products at excellent prices without abusing your trust in us.


Beard Balms

What's the difference between beard oil and beard balm?  Beard balm has a different purpose than beard oil.  Beard balm also has some of the amazing oils as beard oil, but it has other natural ingredients that help you style your beard.  On top of that, it also hydrates your beard throughout the day.  Many of us with beards complain about frizzy hair or why some guys have a beard with a shape or no hair sticking out.  Well, beard balm helps!  Something to be careful with is beard balms or beard oils with synthetic ingredients that may feel great but are not great for your beard's health.  This is why we only produce beard balms with natural ingredients and free of any synthetic chemicals.

Can you use beard oil and beard balm?

Of course!  You can use both, but there are some rules.  Beard Oil goes in first!  Why?  Beard oil is for the beard and skin.  Once the oil goes in, give it a few minutes, then beard balm goes next.  Beard balm is easy to apply. Grab just a bit with your finger, and rub it in your palms for a few seconds until it feels as if it is melting.  Once that happens, apply it to your beard, shape it, style it, and make it look good!


Bar Soaps

This is the most awesome process!  Bar soaps take about 8 weeks to be ready for use.  Most soaps out there, especially bottled body wash, contain synthetic chemicals and almost nothing natural about them.  Making bar soaps is a long process.  We use a method that has been in place for almost 5,000 years.  One of the best things about our soap and its great is our main ingredient, Tallow.  Tallow is animal fat that has been used in soap making for a long time. 

The difference between us and others that claim they make the best handmade soap for man is that we actually make our own products.  We do not outsource any of our work.  We have all the tools and processes in place to produce the best all-natural men's grooming products.

Tallow is great for your body. Some of the benefits are:

  • Rich in Vitamin A, D & E
  • Non-greasy
  • Does not clog your pores
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory
  • Detox properties
  • Ours is 100% natural and grass-fed only
  • Antioxidants for skin
  • Natural antimicrobial properties in tallow help to prevent acne and breakouts

The rest of our ingredients are great to keep your skin strong, healthy, and clean.  No need to spend more time trying to get those nasty liquids out of the bottles.  And no more plastic waste!  Why have an inferior product in your shower?  Check out our soaps, and you won't regret it!


Some more information on our ingredients

Cold Pressed Oils

Cold-pressed oils are the method by which the carrier oils we use are extracted.  Many beard products out there do not use Cold Pressed oils because they are more expensive.  Cheaper products extract the oil with heat, which reduces the nutrients and benefits of the oils.

Carrier Oils

Apricot Oil: This oil is absorbed pretty quickly by your skin and hair. One of the things we have noticed this helps with is with curly beard hair.  Apricot oil is amazing for dry skin and reliefs itchiness.  It is not that oily, so it does not leave a greasy feeling, and it gives your beard a good shine—a great source of Vitamin C & E.

Argan Oil: This oil comes only from Morocco.  This oil has been used in that region for thousands of years.  How is it beneficial to your beard?  This oil is full of minerals, vitamin A & E, fatty acids, and super helpful for hair.  It does not block your pores, acts as a skin and hair protector from the sun.  It's also a great skin moisturizer for your skin and hair.

Avocado Oil: First, no, it does not smell like avocado.  Avocado oil is a great source of Vitamin B, D &  E.   It is also great to moisturize skin.  It's great for eliminating the root cause of dandruff and keep your beard conditioned throughout the day.  As you may know, the sun is not that good for your beard. Avocado oil is great to restore the hair due to all the vitamins and proteins.

Castor Oil: This has a great source of Vitamin E. It is known to reduce bacteria properties, and since it's a thicker oil, it helps you out with styling.

Coconut Oil: This oil is one of our favorites. It is an excellent hydrating for your skin and beard hair and reduces irritated skin, which causes itchiness. Coconut oil will help you keep a well-moisturized beard and skin. It is a natural antioxidant and has Vitamins A, C & E.

Grapeseed Oil: It is a great source of omega acids and Vitamin A & E for your skin and hair.  This oil absorbs easily and helps with damaged hair and skin. Another great thing about grapeseed oil is that this is a byproduct of the wine industry, so instead of creating more waste, this oil is made.

Jojoba Oil: Another one of our favorites is the Jojoba oil.  Jojoba is known to have healing properties for the skin. It is a great moisturizer and reduced hair breakage. It will help you have softer beard hair and skin.

Sweet Almond Oil: Great source of Vitamin E and proteins.  They are known for reducing dandruff and inflammation.  Sweet almond oil is very light for those who don't like greasy oils.