Shampoo Bars

If you Google "Best Shampoo Bar for Men" you'll get a million results with everyone claiming they have the best one.  We did our research and found most shampoos, especially all the ones at super markets act more like detergents and not shampoos.  That's why you need a conditioner, it removes the bad and good stuff from your hair, that you need a conditioner to bring back the good stuff.  We looked at old methods and shampoo bars are the best option.  Why? No plastic waste, no shaking the bar for 30 seconds to get shampoo out of the bottle, no bad chemicals, last longer.

That's why we created the best men's shampoo bar.  The best men's shampoo bar should contain all natural ingredients like Argan oil and Jojoba oil that are great for the health of your hair and scalp.  Our men's shampoo bars are easier to use, last longer and occupy less space.  The lather on these shampoo bar is amazing!  Just a bit will be enough to clean your hair, scalp and beard.  The "Best shampoo bar for men" is here, it'll take care of your hair and beard like no other product will.  The shampoo bar for men is not a new concept, back in the 1800's and 1900's that's what men used.  We just modified it a bit to give you the best results for your hair and beard.

That's why we're transparent about what ingredients we use and we welcome you to check our Production and Manufacturing page to learn more about shampoo bars and what each ingredient does for your hair, scalp and beard.