What is the best soap for Jiu-Jitsu?

best jiujitsu workout soap

What is the best soap after a jiu-jitsu class?

Many of us who train know it is tough to know if you're clean after a class.  You go through warm-ups, drills, practice and rounds with others and it's a mess.  Everyone is sweating over each other and after we're done everyone sweat is in our skin and gi.  After looking for and trying many soaps, we created our own version of what's the best soap after a workout.  We call it Fresh A.F.

This soap has the best oils and ingredients for cleaning as well as using natural essential oils that are known for being natural cleaners and anti-bacterial like Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender and others to create a powerful cleaning soap.  My goal was to create a powerful cleaning soap that does not have any chemicals that may harm your skin.  This is my version of the best jiujitsu soap.  Once you shower with this natural soap you'll feel fresh, clean and ready for the rest of the day.  Checkout our soap here!