What is the best bar soap for men?

best bar soap for men

Looking for the best bar soap is a hustle.  When going grocery shopping there are way too many options all saying they are the best and prices are all over the place.  Those body wash/shampoo bottles are pretty tempting, they range from $3 to $10, smell kind of good so why not?  Using those products is the same as people buying d*ck pills or diet pills online.  If it's too good to be true it probably is.  We expect those bottles to clean our hair, our body, do our dishes, clean our windows, etc.

You have to know that the ingredients of what your hair needs and what your body needs are different.  After years of testing, trial and error I found what  I think are the best men's bar soaps in the USA and in the world.  I purchased bars at the supermarket, order probably close to 100 online, compared and compared.  I purchased bars anywhere from $3 to $50 and high end department stores.  I noticed a lot had the same ingredients, of course some of the expensive ones were terrible and the only thing they were selling is the brand and not the quality of the products.  I also noticed the quality of ingredients was very different no matter what the price point was.  Something else I noticed, on both the cheap and expensive ones was the use of chemicals to speed up the process of making bar soaps.  Also the lather was great in some, terrible in others.

How are bar soaps made?

Making a bar of soap is a slow and delicate process.  It requires expensive equipment and ingredients.  Once the initial process is completed, you have to wait a few days up to a few weeks to cut the soap into bars.  Once this is complete it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the soap to be ready.  Many companies that sell cheap bar soaps use chemicals to speed up the process and sell them faster.  King Fury bar soaps have a 4 to 5 week lead time to allow the bars to dry and hardened.

What is the best men's bar soap?

This is of course a matter of opinion, I definitely think and feel we have the best ones.  I never had a customer complained about the quality, feel, smell and durability of our bar soaps. The best men's bar soap is the one you think is right for you.  We invite you to test our bar soaps, we are not the cheapest or the most expensive, but I guarantee you there will be nothing like using our bars.  All our products are made in the USA. and we are sure you will think we offer the best men's bar soaps in the USA.