Men's Grooming: Daily Checks

best soaps for men

You don't want to be that guy! When it comes to grooming these are the top 10 checks for men.

1. Have a beard? Keep it clean, moisturized and trimmed.  Even if it's a thick beard you still have to keep it healthy.  Avoid the itch, beard can get itchy if not taken care of properly. Check out our beard oil, beard balm & beard shampoo.

2. Check your hands! Fingernails are a no no with the ladies. And at work and pretty much at everything else.

3. Hair: if it's long, short or shaven just check your hair. Keep it clean and healthy while you have it. Check out our Shampoo Bars & awesome Sandalwood Comb.

4. Have the right grooming tools. Don't be cheap buying a $1 hair comb or using the kitchen scissors to trim your beard.  Have your own grooming kit with the proper tools.  Check out out awesome grooming tools every men must have.

5. Smell, how do you smell? Too much cologne? Not enough? Did you shower? Always use a good soap, remember, you get what you pay for.  Taking care of your skin is 100% worth it.  Buy soaps that your body needs and not just what's cheap.  Invest in your soap like you do on other things.  Our soaps will not only leave you feeling fresh, clean but will also moisturize your skin.  Make sure you wear deodorant and if you apply cologne, remember, you don't need that much.