How long should bar soaps last?

how long to bar soaps last

This is a great question, of course the length varies.

Size and weight matter as well as the type of ingredients, many bars have very soft oils as ingredients which tent to wash away faster.  Our soaps have tallow which makes bars harder than your average bar.  Tallow also has more benefits for the skin.

A 5 Oz bar should last about 1 to 2 months.  Our bars are 10 Oz so you're looking around 2-4 months.

There are some rules:

1. Keep the bar dry after use!  The best way to keep your bar safe from washing away in your shower, is to put it on a soap saver or a dry area.  Check ours: Soap Saver

2. Don't leave it sitting on a puddle of water!

Benefits of using bar soaps?

1. Eco Friendly, no more plastic, no more shaking the bottle to get the last few drops of "body wash"

2. No more airport security checks and dealing with how many OZ you have.  No more TSA explanations.

3. This is what men use, PERIOD

4. No fake chemicals

5. You'll get rid of the amount of skin moisturizer completely, if any, or at least cut it by a LOT.  Out tallow soaps hydrate your skin. 

6. MORE AFFORDABLE! Even though it might seem like you have to spend more money initially, a bar soap will last longer than those shi**y bottles of body wash.