Best Soap for Men

best soap for men

What's the best soap for men?

How many times have you searched for this on Google?  Finding a good soap is hard.  You go to your local supermarket and there's so many options and prices.  It's nice to save money but everything has a cost.  You buy a cheap soap and you'll have dry skin that you end up buying another one and skin moisturizer.  If you look at the back of your soap box you'll probably see a bunch of ingredients that don't mean anything.  Most likely a bunch of chemicals.  That's why I stated making soaps by hand years ago.  Batch after batch testing every ingredient possible to find the best soap for men.  Making soaps takes a long time, there's a lot of equipment that's needed and you have to wait at least 8 weeks to use a bar.  

What men look for in soaps and shampoo?


This does not exists! And if someone claims it does, I wouldn't use it.


best soap shampoo for men
What is the main ingredient to create the best soap for men?

One of the main ingredients I use that many soap makers avoid is tallow.  Tallow is rendered animal fat and it contains the best natural ingredients your skin needs.  It's full of Vitamins for your skin.  One of the best things is that this ingredient does not need additives or anything else to make it better.  We use 100% grass fed beef tallow, can't get better than that.  

Is Palm Oil good?

Many soap makers use palm oil, although it is a great ingredient and is great for soaps the environment impact it has can be devastating.  In order to get palm oil forests have to be burned, although they are "controlled burns" it displaces many animals.  There are "certified" palm oils that "don't hurt" the environment but I all that b.s.  Tallow on the other hand is not affecting the demand for cattle, it's just a byproduct of beef and many butchers actually throw it away.

The best soaps for men

Tallow has been used for almost 2,000 years in soap.  Once you use soap with tallow you'll see the benefit and feeling immediately, no way you could go back to those crappy products.  Not to mention you won't be fighting with your "body wash" bottle when it's almost done.  Tallow combined with other great ingredients like coconut  and olive oil make nothing but great soap!

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