Best Natural Shampoo for Men's Hair & Beard

best shampoo for men
What are shampoo bars?
Shampoo bars are the old school shampoo men used.  Back then they had no plastic bottles and fancy liquids that were used just for hair.  Right now the best natural shampoo for men's hair is up for debate.  But we tested many different variations and we came up with two options, one all natural and one with activated charcoal.  The scent on this one was designed to keep it neutral but with a great smell, oaks, cedarwood and vanilla.  The idea behind our shampoo bar is for it to smell great but not overpower any hair products you might use.  It also works great for your beard!  
What are the benefits of a shampoo bar?
  • Space saver: No need for extra room for those huge plastic bottles.
  • All natural and organic: We don't use any b.s. ingredients.  Most "shampoos" at your local supermarket act more like detergents which is why you need a second bottle, conditioner.  These shampoo clean your hair with so many chemicals they actually also remove the good stuff from your hair.  Then you need a conditioner bottle to bring that good stuff back.
  • Long Lasting: One shampoo bar can equal as much as three bottles of shampoo and three bottles of conditioner.  How?  Just a small quantity creates enough lather and washing power for your hair and beard.
  • Money Saver:  It might feel like you're spending more, but at the end you'll save more money! Next time you go to your supermarket, calculate how much you'll spend for 3 bottles of shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioner.
  • Options: As guys we always get the shi**y options when it comes to grooming products.  Well, that stops now!  Finally good quality products are available and we don't have to deal with these cheap options.  Remember, everything has a cost, even those 10 in 1 shampoo bottles.

So, we do claim to have the best natural shampoo for men's hair and beard.  Check it out right here!