Best Beard Oils

best beard oil

How many times have we searched on google "Best beard oil for men"?  You'll get millions of websites with different products and mixed opinions.  To know how to find the best beard oil I would recommend looking at the list of ingredients.  

The best beard oils should be free of synthetics which may look great on your beard but are bad for your hair and skin.  But they should always be cold pressed!  This is one of the most important factors! Or the most important in my opinion.  Cold pressed means they extracted the oil directly from its source without adding any chemicals or processes that alter the chemistry of the oil. 

As far as the scent or smell of the beard oil, it is 100% based on your opinion.  Most beard oils will have essential oils or fragrances for this purpose.  Many will say "Fragrance free!" as if it is a bad thing to have.  But it is not, is just a way of making the beard oil smell good.  Essential oils are known for having properties such as relaxing scents, some are known for having antibacterial properties, etc. 

At the end of the day, you want to look for a beard oil that has cold pressed carrier oils as well as good carrier oils.  Carrier oils such as sweet almond, argan oil, jojoba oil among others are great to have in your products.  These oils are not just for the hair in your beard but mainly for your skin.  The goal is to keep your beard and hair hydrated throughout the day.


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